Just how overpriced are budget-airline refreshments?

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LAST week Kayak, a search engine for travel, caused a minor kerfuffle when it released the results of a survey examining the price of in-flight refreshments offered by budget British airlines. The survey found price hikes that ran to hundreds or even thousands of percent. Perhaps the most staggering mark-up was that of the humble instant-soup sachet: available on a supermarket shelf for about £0.13 ($0.17), on a Flybe flight you’ll pay £2.50 ($3.60)—a hike of over 1,800%. Ryanair, often the pantomime budget-airline baddie in these kinds of discussions, was a key offender. They demanded the highest prices for three of the items surveyed; their mark-up on water, for example, was more than 1,300%.

Scandalous mark-ups of in-flight snacks are nothing new—Kayak’s findings replicate those of <a…Continue reading

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