The Empowered Messenger: Communicating the Value of Your Work

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Amethyst Wyldfyre (Business Heroine Magazine)

The Empowered Messenger – The heroine whose message burns inside her, begging to be released. Even though her pen may quiver and her voice may shake, she knows it is time to stand in her power – clear, confident, courageous. She says yes to the call, and she shares her message, because she was born to inspire.


Question: I’m working on my sales page for my signature offering. I’m excited to launch soon! I’m having a hard time communicating exactly what my program will DO for my clients though. I know it’s important to outline the benefits of a program, but I feel like my message is falling flat. How can I really communicate the value of my offerings to my potential clients?

This is an awesome question!

I’m going to ask you to actually start by taking a step back. In order to really communicate the value of your offerings to your clients, you have to know the value of yourself and your offering. You have to understand your own value and how powerful you are and how important it is for you to deliver your gift, your message, and your offering to the marketplace.

Start with being really clear on your value and the value of what you’re offering. When you have that clarity, then vibrationally, you are going to be able to communicate the message through your words as well as through the vibrations.

If you’re not yet aligned with your own value, you need to do that before you sit down to write your sales page, because everything you write on that sales page is going to be infused with what you believe about yourself and your offering. You have to be super enthusiastic and really clear that what you have to offer is really going to make a difference for people.

The second thing you need to do when you start to think about communicating the benefits of what it is you have to offer is to ask yourself some questions.

Sometimes the easiest way to get to the benefits is to ask yourself about the cost. What does it cost the person to stay where they’re at rather than to move forward through your work to where they want to go?

If you look at the cost to them staying where they are, that can really help you start to identify what the benefits are to taking a journey with you. When you prime the pump with that, you can look at the other side of the journey and what happens for the people after they’ve gone through this journey with you. You can look at what happens for them on the other side.

For example, when people work with me, sometimes their work is to get clear on their value. In the process of getting clear on their value all kind of other amazing benefits can happen. First of all, they can start to feel more confident and comfortable selling. Sometimes they start to feel more confident and comfortable just being in the world, and that causes them to attract their soulmate!

It’s amazing some of the benefits that can happen from working with you or in my case, working with me! A lot of my clients have even changed homes and moved across the country after working with me.

Those are side benefits that have nothing to do with the actual work that we’re doing, but it’s important for you to make sure that you’re really thinking about what else is possible for your people after they work with you. Then when you have that clear, you can sit down and write your sales page, and your launch is going to rock!


Amethyst Wyldfyre (Business Heroine Magazine)

Business Heroine Magazine


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