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The minute hand ticks slowly by and you feel yourself wilting like a flower in the sun, as you sit in your cubicle. It hits 5 o’clock and freedom has come at last. You pack up, head to the parking lot, and begin a delightful ride in rush hour traffic, to make it home in time for dinner. A few hours of family time later, it’s time to hit the sack. Alarm goes off, rinse and repeat.

Like many others have felt, diving into the world of entrepreneurship now feels like the perfect solution to the 9-5 monotony, and lack of work-life balance. A viable industry to enter is the realm of network affiliate marketing. In exchange for increasing sales and traffic to an online site, you can receive substantial commissions – enough to make a living. One prominent online store, GearBest (at https://goo.gl/1asr0Q), has been partnering with associates around the world, providing incomes for many families and saving people from corporate mundanity.

So what’s GearBest and why is it a prime opportunity to join their Associate Program (visit https://goo.gl/1asr0Q)? Here’s the lowdown about the huge popularity of the ecommerce site and active community involved with it.  

GearBest is a leading Chinese B2C global online store that offers high quality cell phones, electronic gadgets, toys, sporting goods, DIY projects, home products and apparel for geeks at unbeatable prices. The company ships to 259+ countries, so the potential customer reach is supremely promising.

The facts speak for themselves; though a new company, GearBest is taking the ecommerce industry by storm. Currently, the site has 9,400,000 members, over 560,000 SKU, and has websites in seven different languages. The website has had an impressive growth rate which resulted in a whopping 800%+ annual sales revenue increase since the site first launched back in 2014. Their global customer base exceeds 2.5m and their current Alexa global rank is 400+ with 50m+ visits each month. They currently have 20 local warehouses overseas.

There are many ways to earn money, when there are so many products available on the site. For example, the fidget spinner is so popular that it is very easy to sell a lot of them. Selling a cell phone offers the opportunity to make great commissions as well.

As mentioned, a product trending in its high sales is the Fidget Spinner. It offers a simple way to ease anxiety and stress. The low prices but great quality of products keep customers returning for more purchases. The fidget spinner is one example of how GearBest hosts an eclectic mix of helpful lifestyle products that many people find useful. Associates consider being an affiliate to be a smart route to take, as GearBest is already publicly established with endless room to grow (by having so many product categories and a large customer base). They also frequently offer flash sales, which drive increased traffic to the site and loyal followers.

The GearBest Associate program (click here: https://goo.gl/1asr0Q) is a performance-based (cost per sale payout) sales associate program which helps GearBest drive global traffic, convert sales and also helps associates monetize visitors on their own online channels. It is completely free to join, and top associates earn up to $40,000 each month.

GearBest offers many advantages with its program. Commission rates are up to 12%, payments are through PayPal and bank transfers, there is only one ad/transaction tracking system, and GearBest offers a monthly incentive plan.

In Associates’ first 30 days, they enjoy full VIP level commission rates. Following the initial 30-day period, the commission level depends upon the first month’s sales. This new partner incentive is valid for those who sign up for the GearBest Associate Program up until May 31, 2017. Further, to simply promote as required, Associates will receive a $20 monthly commission.

Associates can choose from the thousands of products to start marketing on their own blog. Developing a social media presence is key, so recruits must be digital savvy (though much of the process can be taught and you become skilled as you go!).

Once signing up, entrepreneurs need not worry about being left to learn the ropes on your own. The company offers training and support to help you become a capable and successful GearBest Associate.

Along with personal help from GearBest employees, they offer online tools as well. Check out this helpful video to get you started on the right track as a GearBest associate:

Join today to begin a new career that you have complete control over while working comfortably out of your home office. Visit https://goo.gl/1asr0Q.

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