Leaving Two Jobs for the Online World – Interview D Verrengia

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How a Girl from the Slums of Miami Made a Million Dollars While Traveling the World

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“Who would have thought that a poor little black girl would grow up into a rich, successful woman that empowers thousands of women?” says D Verrengia.
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Success never happens overnight, and to build a prosperous venture it takes grit, determination and a strong sense of self. “Long before I knew how to make money with my business online, I had to step into my power,” D shares. “But first, I had to learn a few things that shaped my life and the lives of thousands of women.”

When she was working at Hooters, she didn’t consider it a glamorous job, but found it to be safe. “I would show up to work, make money, and go home — I suffered for that safety,” she says. “The safety of that job held me back from doing what I knew I had the potential to do.”
It wasn’t until the day things truly went downhill that her eyes opened to the reality she had lived in for a long time. D came home from her second job one night, put the key into her front door, walked inside, turned the light switch on, and nothing happened. She stood there dejectedly in the dark.

“I worked two jobs and I still couldn’t get ahead,” D says. “It was then that I decided to make a change.” The cycle of going to work, making little to no money and going back home was not making her prosperous and was eating away at her spirit. “It literally left me in the dark with nowhere to turn,” she says. “It was time to take a risk and fight for myself.”
Now that D knew the cycle of going to work, making no money and going home again was not working, she knew she had to find something different to attain an easier, more secure lifestyle.

“I always knew there was something enchanting about running a business online and all I needed to do was learn how to leverage the power of the internet,” D says. “I told everyone my plan was to become wildly prosperous with my business online and they were all wildly supportive — actually, no they were not.”

Oftentimes great ideas meet great adversities, when others feel intimidated by remarkable plans or doubtful of one’s ability to achieve them. D was told over and over that she was crazy, that no broke waitress could ever make money with a business online and that she didn’t have what it takes to be successful. “Well, guess what? I can tell all those people that I like to call “haters” that they were wrong,” D says. “In the beginning, it was difficult to hear that my friends and family did not believe in me, so it was time for me to start my journey alone.”

D believes that while it is possible to reach one’s dreams alone, it is better to have a community of support. “You should have someplace to go when you hit a roadblock or if you need an extra burst of inspiration. Thankfully, those communities are available online.”
There was a time when D was afraid to tell her story. She felt that she was showing weakness if she let anyone know she once was poor or that she struggled in her business. However, as she began receiving messages from women being empowered by her story, she knew she had to continue sharing it.

“Everything I had to go through made me into the businesswoman I am today,” D says. “It has made me strong enough to lift women up with me and show them how to find the power in their stories.”

Though D has made it this far, it does not mean her journey is ending. She finds herself reaching new heights and taking others with her to greater levels of success. To all those struggling to find a path to a financially secure and fulfilling life, she reaches out to help. “You should be part of my circle,” D says. “I want to take you by the hand and show you how you can fulfil your purpose in your business and life.”

When D first started out, she didn’t have the support of a community of likeminded people or a way to find out exactly how to make, save and invest money online, so she took matters into her own hands. First, she literally wrote the book on how to make, save and invest money online. Then, she made a community on Facebook so that wherever people are in the world, they can connect with the empowering business and lifestyle coach and hundreds of other women who are lifting each other up while they succeed in the online world.

“This is all free and all you must do is download my free e-book and join the Facebook group,” D says. Visit  blissdiva.com

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