4 Tips for Getting Started in Real Estate Planning

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For beginners, investing in real estate can be a frightening experience if you aren’t familiar with the current market. Learning curve is steep, for there are several factors to consider, however, with the help of a realtor, you can successfully invest in real estate as a smart way to grow your money.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1) Location is Key

In real estate, investment location is king. When buying property in Carlsbad, California, always ensure that it is in an ideal neighborhood. To invest wisely, talk to a Carlsbad realtor, who can help you navigate your home search and help you find the most suitable house on the market.

2) Buy Wholesale Properties

Although investing in real estate is harder than investing in stocks, both operate on the same underlying principle. To make a killing, always buy when prices drop, only to sell later when they rise. In real estate, this means buying properties at steep discounts, never at the full price.

3) Take Advantage of Tax Deductions

The government offers significant tax deductions to any private investor willing to get into housing. By doing so, it relieves itself of the pressure of having to provide housing. The most significant of these deductions is the depreciation write-off.

It allows you to write-off the depreciation of buildings you invest in. What’s more, this depreciation is capped at 27 years for a residential building and 39 for a commercial one. However, talk to a tax advisor for specifics before claiming the deductions.

4) Go Through Your Credit Report

To invest in real estate, you typically require a lot of money, which you may not have. This may push you to borrow some from your bank. However, although a bank will readily finance your house, you will have a hard time getting it to finance a property you do not live in.

For it to even consider doing so, your credit score must be spectacular at best. So, go over your credit report, report any mistakes you find, and resolve any legitimate problems. Only then can you hope to get financing for your real estate investments.


If made wisely, investments in real estate give decent returns. But, if made poorly, they can leave you indebted or worse, bankrupt. So, keep the following tips in mind as you invest. One, buy a house that needs fixing, but one that is located in a prime location. Two, avoid buying houses at the full price and go for wholesale properties instead. Three, take advantage of tax deductions. And finally, go over your credit report to ensure you have a good credit score.

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